Our company Imperium in Omnia LLC deals with:

Foreigners company

  1. Registering companies in Tanzania (excluding Tanzanian shareholders)
  2. Get a Business License
  3. VAT registration
  4. Investing in Tanzania through cooperation with TIC
  5. By registering employees in the Employee Compensation Fund
  6. Opening a bank account for the company
  7. Obtaining a Certificate of Conformity (needed in some industries)

For company directors foreigners

  1. Obtaining a national ID
  2. Obtaining work permits and a permanent residence permit
  3. Driving license exchange for Tanzanian

Additional services

  1. Purchasing real estate to order, finding real estate, checking documents under a legal and notary account – conducting a safe transaction for the client.
  2. We analyze the company profile and help introduce the best solutions for your company.
  3. You can also cooperate with us when it comes to introducing new products and services to the market. We will help you find the recipient.

Total cost

The cost of opening a company  2000$
Lawyer expense                          2000$
Company service                        1500$