Company in Tanzania

Africa, known as black land, is very colorful, beautiful colors, and the development opportunities for business are practically unlimited. Each branch of the business is developing very fast. Tanzania as a union of Tanganyika and Zanzibar offers great opportunities as a development in trade, production, real estate as well as in tourism.
To open a company:


Tanzania requires at least two directors
One director should be in Tanzania during key company decisions


A secretary is required


A minimum of two shareholders is required
A shareholder may be a secretary and a director

Initial capital:

There are no compulsory initial capital requirements

Type of activity:
The company is the best form of business for a foreigner in Tanzania:
Private Company Limited LLC


Registration Package:

Founding certificate
Company ownership deed
Consolidate form for company
Certificate of Compliance
Integri form
Public notary
Notary fee
Official fee for establishing a company
Provision of the first address and mailbox for company registration purposes
Preparation of the company for the TIN
Cost $ 5,500

Total cost

The cost of opening a company 2000$
Lawyer expense 2000$
Company service 1500$


Services paid additionally

WP Work permit (1400 $)

RP Permanent residence permit (renewed every two years $ 3600)

Business license for companies (depending on the type of business)